Capture Client Honeypot, SCOUT and PATROL Apr 20 2007 03:40AM
Christian Seifert gmail com
Hello all,

the New Zealand Honeynet Alliance announces a new release of out high interaction client honeypot, Capture-HPC. This new version contains major enhancements from the initial version of Capture-HPC, namely support for various browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera), kernel level monitoring, and compatibility with Microsoft Vista. As such, this new version of Capture-HPC can find malicious web servers that attack a variety of browsers. Capture-HPC can be downloaded from our site at http://www.nz-honeynet.org/capture.html and is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

We realize that not everybody has the time and resources to install the client honeypot. As a result, we have created two web services called SCOUT and PATROL. SCOUT allows end users to submit suspicious URLs via a web page to our installation of Capture-HPC in NZ and receive an immediate classification on whether the URL is malicious or benign. PATROL, on the other hand, is a web service designed for web administrators to determine whether their site serves malicious content. Submitted URLs will be periodically monitored and the classification aggregated into a downloadable report (more information about these services can be obtained from http://www.nz-honeynet.org/cwebservice.php and http://www.nz-honeynet.org/cmonitor.php .)

Greetings from Aotearoa.


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