DFRWS Forensics Challenge Update / Reminder Apr 27 2007 09:54PM
Brian Carrier (carrier digital-evidence org)
The DFRWS 2007 Forensics Challenge was announced a couple of months
ago and this e-mail is to remind you and to notify you that we
changed the rules slightly.

The 2007 challenge is about data carving, which is a file recovery
technique that is frequently used during digital investigations.
Files are "carved" from the unallocated space using file type-
specific information, such as footers, headers, and internal
structures. This year's challenge builds upon last year's challenge
and adds more complex file types and scenarios. The goal is to
develop new carving algorithms that have lower false positive rates.

We changed the rules so that submissions do not need to include full
source code. Pseudo code is acceptable as long as it is detailed
enough so that someone could use it to implement the algorithm in
another language and get the same results. If pseudo code is
submitted, then an executable must be included (although it will not
be published on the DFRWS website after the challenge is over).

Submissions are due July 9, 2007.



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