Honeyd for Windows 1.5b May 23 2007 09:28PM
Jesper Jurcenoks (jesper jurcenoks netvigilance com)
Hi all in this list.

We here at netVigilance are done porting the latest honeyd to Windows,
so Winhoneyd is now version 1.5b 100% functional equivalent of honeyd
1.5b from www.honeyd.org

I have just uploaded the new source code and compiled binaries for free
download. At www.netvigilance.com/winhoneyd

For all the newbies and real humans like me, who have a hard time with
the configuration scripts of honeyd "look no error messages, it must be
right then .... :-(" We have released our own internal GUI Winhoneyd
Configurator that will make 100% correct configurations for the most
complex networks.

Please enjoy.


Jesper Jurcenoks

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