SpyBye 0.3 released Jun 10 2007 02:41AM
Niels Provos (provos citi umich edu)
Hello everyone,

I released a new version of SpyBye today that has some interesting new
features. SpyBye 0.3 can be used as a regular web proxy, for regular
web browsing. SpyBye still analyzes all content automatically, but it
happens in the background. Whenever, dangerous content is
encountered, a warning notification is shown in your browser that
links to an in-depth analysis of the web page.

This makes it not only easier for web masters to quickly browser of
their sites for dangerous contents, it also means that regular users
can use SpyBye to protect their web browsing sessions. Proxy mode is
not turned on by default, you need to start SpyBye with the -x flag to
enable it as a web proxy.

You can find the blog entry at


and source code for download at


Let me know if you have any feedback.

Niels Provos.

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