Roo 1.2 password changing Jul 31 2007 02:04PM
Lucretia (lucretias shaw ca)

I have used Roo for a couple years now and like the simple package. I
have wiped my 1.1 box for installation of 1.2 which is going fine except
for one problem I cannot figure out.

When I login to walleye for the first time, it takes me to the change
password page. I cannot get past this page. It requests the current
password 'honey' and then the new password and a confirm of the new
password. The new password is 17 chars with all the prerequisites yet I
keep getting one of the two errors

'the password is not long enough' or 'the username or password you
entered is not valid'.

Then I'll generate 'you have exceeded the maximum number of login

But then 'roo' and 'honey' are what get me logged back in.

Is there a bug in the walleye.pl script? Am I too familiar and
forgetting some important step?

Can I bypass this to use the walleye interface or am I stuck with ssh?



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