Re: Roo 1.2 password changing Aug 02 2007 04:19PM
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The db schema that holds the walleye passwd is char/16. We felt
that given the "mix" requirements this would usually be a
sufficient length.

I'm not sure if MySQL gives you the full 16 or if there is some
sort of "end-of-string" char that ends up yielding 15. Will a 15
(or lower) char password work?


On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 10:04:27 -0400 Lucretia <lucretias (at) shaw (dot) ca [email concealed]>
>I have used Roo for a couple years now and like the simple
>package. I
>have wiped my 1.1 box for installation of 1.2 which is going fine
>for one problem I cannot figure out.
>When I login to walleye for the first time, it takes me to the
>password page. I cannot get past this page. It requests the
>password 'honey' and then the new password and a confirm of the
>password. The new password is 17 chars with all the prerequisites
>yet I
>keep getting one of the two errors
>'the password is not long enough' or 'the username or password you
>entered is not valid'.
>Then I'll generate 'you have exceeded the maximum number of login
>But then 'roo' and 'honey' are what get me logged back in.
>Is there a bug in the walleye.pl script? Am I too familiar and
>forgetting some important step?
>Can I bypass this to use the walleye interface or am I stuck with
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Re: Roo 1.2 password changing Aug 08 2007 04:45PM
Lucretia (lucretias shaw ca)


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