Honeyd for Windows 1.5c Aug 09 2007 11:33PM
Jesper Jurcenoks (jesper jurcenoks netvigilance com) (1 replies)
Hi All on this list.

netVigilance has ported Honeyd 1.5c to Windows, and released it for free under the name WinHoneyd.

The complete source and the compiled executable are available for free on our web-site.

If you want the compiled executable then you will need to fill out a form, donâ??t worry we will not spam you. We will send you the download link in an email so donâ??t waste your time with a bogus email address. We will only use this email address to inform you of updates to WinHoneyd.

The sources can be downloaded without filling out any forms â?º

Besides being updated from Honeyd 1.5b to 1.5c. This new  WinHoneyd 1.5c now correctly lists Mike Davis as a contributor when executed in addition to listing him in the sources where he entered his name originally.

There is one difference between WinHoneyd 1.5c and Honeyd 1.5c and that is the change that we submitted to http://code.google.com/p/honeyd/issues/detail?id=3

To download WinHoneyd.exe or the WinHoneyd source please visit http://www.netvigilance.com/winhoneyd

Best Regards

Jesper Jurcenoks

Co-founder of netVigilance, Inc.

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RE: Honeyd for Windows 1.5c Aug 10 2007 04:10AM
Michael A. Davis (mike datanerds net)


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