Honeyd for Windows 1.5c Aug 09 2007 11:33PM
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RE: Honeyd for Windows 1.5c Aug 10 2007 04:10AM
Michael A. Davis (mike datanerds net)

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> Hi All on this list.
> netVigilance has ported Honeyd 1.5c to Windows, and released it for
> free under the name WinHoneyd.
> The complete source and the compiled executable are available for free
> on our web-site.
> If you want the compiled executable then you will need to fill out a
> form, donâ??t worry we will not spam you. We will send you the download
> link in an email so donâ??t waste your time with a bogus email address.
> We will only use this email address to inform you of updates to
> WinHoneyd.
> The sources can be downloaded without filling out any forms â?º
> Besides being updated from Honeyd 1.5b to 1.5c. This new WinHoneyd
> 1.5c now correctly lists Mike Davis as a contributor when executed in
> addition to listing him in the sources where he entered his name
> originally.
> There is one difference between WinHoneyd 1.5c and Honeyd 1.5c and that
> is the change that we submitted to
> http://code.google.com/p/honeyd/issues/detail?id=3
> To download WinHoneyd.exe or the WinHoneyd source please visit
> http://www.netvigilance.com/winhoneyd
> Best Regards
> Jesper Jurcenoks
> Co-founder of netVigilance, Inc.

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