Most cost-effective approach to hosting a honeynet. Aug 29 2007 02:28AM
Christopher (vooduhal gmail com)
I apologize if this is a repost.

I'm considering moving from the 3-5 honeypots that I currently have to
purchasing a block of IPs.
Since I have no academic affiliation and am doing this purely as a
hobby, my funding is limited to my own wallet so purchasing the most
address space I can get is important.
So far, the best price I've found is leasing a dedicated dual-core
server from theplanet. It's ~$200/month for 58 IPs, 1GB of memory,
250GB of storage and 1500GB of transfer monthly. I think the system
resources would be find for only 58 IPs, but does anyone know of a
cheaper way to get IP space. A business DSL line to my house with
only 10 IPs is nearly that much.


If anyone has lots of IPs and wants a volunteer
administrator/researcher, I would be more than happy to offer my time
and possibly funding.

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