Walleye Web interface, no data Sep 10 2007 08:38AM
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Re: Walleye Web interface, no data Sep 10 2007 01:06PM
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Re: Walleye Web interface, no data Sep 10 2007 03:25PM
Walid Aweiwi (walid bisan com)
Hi All,

For me the issue solved by checking the running process:
hflowd service was dead and snort also, I need to check why these services killed.

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> Hi everyone,
> On 9/10/07, Walid Aweiwi <walid (at) bisan (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> > Lately I installed roo-1.2.hw-1 and it's up and running for the first few hours walleye
> > was working fine but later on exactly after 9 hours I couldn't see any data in the Data
> > Analysis tab "all periods have 0 Cons and 0 IDS", If I will restart the server it's
> > working again for few hours and will stop again.
> We have similar problems with our Honeywall and up to now no good way
> to avoid this problem.
> Cheers,
> Thorsten
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Re: Walleye Web interface, no data Sep 10 2007 02:58PM
Blarnum, Seamus (crpyt0k1d yahoo com)


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