real ip with honeyd Sep 15 2007 02:30AM
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RE: real ip with honeyd Sep 18 2007 11:48AM
Roger A. Grimes (roger banneretcs com)
If ou don't use Arpd, which will respond to the requests for the virtual IP addresses, then you have to configure a router to get the requests to the fake IP addresses to the host machine.


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I was trying to see the attackers behaviour and deployed a honeyd to a machine. But i gave real ips to the simulated systems, so the bind parts have real ips. I had a arpd problem also so i couldnt make it work, does honeyd work with real ips?

According to the explanations, honeyd is deployed to a real ip machine. I saw some log entries that a real ip was trying to reach to one of the simulated machines, so how do the attackers see those simulated ips?


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