RE: How to monitor events in Windows? Nov 02 2007 02:23PM
Francisco Rodrigo Cortinas Maseda (francisco cortinas jazztel com)
Try evntwin.exe

It is an integrated solution on Microsotf Windows Servers to translate events (all types) and alarms to snmp traps. Obviusly, you will need also an snmp collector to view this traps on other server.

There is also a console app, EVNTCMD.EXE.

Try google this apps to know more about them. Im using them to monitor W2K servers.


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Try Nagios [1] or GroundWork Monitor Open Source 5.0.5 [2] [1]http://www.nagios.org/ [2]http://richard.trezza.us/vmach/index.html

mybayern1974 (at) sjtu.edu (dot) cn [email concealed] schrieb:
> I want to know everything happend in my Windows box, including both
> local events and network events. Is there such a tool? I know sebek is
> a good choise, but unfortunately the sebek client is unable to work in
> windows box located in Virtual Machine like VMware. (It will cause
> "blue screen" when rebooting after finishing configuration.)
> Furthermore, I know another choice named "spector", but it's a
> commercial one.
> So, is there any free one I can get?
> Thanks in advance!

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