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Lance Spitzner (lance honeynet org) (3 replies)
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Alexandre Dulaunoy (adulau gmail com)
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Wouldn't the mailing list here be demonstration of prior art?

Just my two pennies...

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On 21-Dec-07, at 2:07 PM, Lance Spitzner wrote:

> Folks,
> I just found out the US Patent office has started an interesting
> online Wiki for submitting prior art for specific patents. It looks
> like this is a trial program. I also just found out they have
> Microsoft's patent application for client honeypots (called
> HoneyMonkey). If you have done any research in this field I highly
> recommend you go there and submit your prior work. Right now they
> have none listed which has me concerned. In addition, you have only
> 5 days left to submit a claim. I went through the application, they
> have 5 different claims. To prove prior art you have to select a
> specific claim and demonstrate prior art for that claim. The filing
> date is 01 March, 2006 so your prior art has to be before that. Its
> most effective to have prior art a year before the filing. Claim #1
> appears to be the most broad and the one I suggest you consider
> submitting prior art one.
> http://www.peertopatent.org/patent/20070208822/activity
> Thanks!
> lance
> CLAIM #1
> ========
> A system comprising: a browser that is capable of visiting network
> locations as represented by uniform resource locators (URLs); and a
> browser-based vulnerability exploit detector that directs the
> browser to visit a given URL by making an information request to the
> given URL; the browser-based vulnerability exploit detector adapted
> to detect if the given URL accomplishes an exploit on the system
> after the browser makes the information request to the given URL."

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Re: Client Honeyopt Patent Dec 22 2007 10:36AM
Cedric Blancher (blancher cartel-securite fr)


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