Honeywall CDROM 1.3 beta is here! Jan 03 2008 03:15PM
Robert Mcmillen (rvmcmil gmail com)
The Honeynet Project is happy to announce the beta release of version
1.3 of the Honeywall CDROM.

The Honeywall CDROM is a bootable CD that installs onto a hard drive
and comes with all the tools and functionality for you to implement
data capture, control, and analysis.

Changes since version 1.2:
* Bug fixes to Hflow and Walleye
* Base operating system transition to CentOS (increasing Honeywall
support life for security patches and bug fixes).

You can get it here: http://www.honeynet.org/tools/cdrom/roo/iso/test/roo-1.3.hw-b1.iso

But wait, there is more! Not only are we releasing the CDROM image...
We are also transitioning the project to a public site in order to get
the community involved in its future maintenance and development.
Please visit https://projects.honeynet.org/honeywall for additional

Future work:
* Update base operating system.
* Transition to Hflow2 (http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~cviecco/oscode/hflow2.html

For more information, see: https://projects.honeynet.org/honeywall/
wiki or contact honeywall (at) public.honeynet (dot) org [email concealed]


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