Announcing new KYE-Lite paper: Proxy Threats - Socks v666 Jan 29 2008 05:01PM
Ralph K. Logan Jr. (ralph logan thelogangroup biz)
The Honeynet Project is excited to announce the release of our newest
paper in our Know Your Enemy series, KYE-Lite: Proxy Threats - Socks

This new "KYE-Lite" format is to focus on very specific topics and be
more frequent in release in order to address emerging trends, threats
and development work with Honeynet Technology and research.

In this paper we discuss: the basic operational concept of how reverse
tunnel proxies work, a new customized control protocol in use, the
advantages to the criminal community, a detailed example and it's
similarities to legacy SOCKS protocols, and how this activity can be
further identified including mitigation strategies.


Ralph Logan
Chief Public Relations Officer - Honeynet Project
ralph.logan (at) honeynet (dot) org [email concealed]

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