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Subject: Help find subject for a paper

> Hi, i'm from Brazil, student of computer science and i am doing a
> paper about honeypots and honeynets. I have already done a research
> and i know most of the concepts about them. But now, i have to choose
> something more practical to do and i don't know what. I want to do
> something that contribute with the community. So, i am here for ask
> you, if someone know about something that i could do, that anyone have
> done yet. It can envolve programming or a special implementation of
> some honeypot honeynet.


I was wondering recently when I picked up a bit of spyware what the favourite marketing affiliate
advertisement companies for hackers were. You know, affiliatefuture, dollarrevenue etc, the click
through type guys. If honeynet organizations can compile a list of the common ones, and someone
looks at ones they do not use, then checks the requirements to apply... whilst I'm sure the answer
will be obvious, presumably cost and/or address requirements etc, some proper research might help
create some business best practices for such companies. I haven't read much about that.

Of course, as you're a student and should be drinking not working, Pro's and Cons of Virtual
Honeynets over actual hardware should be pretty straightforward.

Best Regards

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