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hack.lu 2008 (2008 hack lu)
Hi all,

Hack.lu 2008 is getting closer and closer.

Find hereafter the line-up of speakers and talks for this year's event:

Saumil Shah - Browser Exploits - A new model for Browser security
Roelof Temmingh - Investigating individuals and groups using open source
Paul Craig - Hacking Internet Kiosks
Adrian Pastor - Cracking into embedded devices and beyond!
Julien Lenoir, Christophe Devaux - Browsers Rootkits
F.W.J. van Geelkerken - Egregious use of TOR servers Abstract
Jean-Baptiste Bédrune - Analysis of an undocumented network protocol
Damien Aumaitre - A little journey inside Windows memory
Philippe Teuwen - How to make smartcards resistant to hackers' lightsabers?
Patrick Hof, Jens Liebchen - Bridging the Gap between the Enterprise and
You - or - Who's the JBoss now?
Ezequiel David Gutesman - gFuzz: An Instrumented Web Application
Fuzzing Environment
Frank Boldewin - Rustock.C - When a myth comes true
Joffrey Czarny - Go outside citrix context
Sebastian Wilhelm Maier - "The end of the internet" aka "Self
replicating malware on home routers"
Philippe Langlois - Immersed network discovery and attacks, specifics of
telecom Core Network (CN SS7/SIGTRAN) insider attacks
Dumitru Codreanu - Server-side virus scanning
Mihai Chiriac - Anti-virus 2.0 - "Compilers in disguise"
Eric Michel Leblond, Vincent Deffontaines, Sebastien Tricaud -
Authentication at the Firewall level
Eric Filiol - Malware of the future: when mathematics works for the dark

You can read more about the talks here:

The final agenda will follow during the next days.
There will also be a wiki at wiki.hack.lu for the Hackcamp that runs in
parallel to the hack.lu conference.

Feel free to register at:
For hotel reservation please fill out the form you can find at:
www.hack.lu and send it to the hotel.

Stay tuned to the website and wiki as there will be regular updates.

Hope to see you in october in Luxembourg


the CSRRT-Lu team

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