Honeypot VMs Sep 23 2008 06:54PM
Jason Lewis (jlewis packetnexus com) (2 replies)
Re: Honeypot VMs Oct 05 2008 11:08PM
pinowudi (pinowudi gmail com)
Re: Honeypot VMs Sep 23 2008 09:40PM
Jason Lewis (jlewis packetnexus com)
I should have mentioned I'm using roo from The Honeynet Project.

I saw that someone had a VM with nepenthes
(http://www.sparsa.org/node/23) and wondered if anyone else had created
ready to go VMs. It would save me some time.


Jason Lewis wrote:
> Are there any honeypot VM resources? I've seen the SPARSA one, but the
> link is dead.
> jas

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