Graphic visualization of honeyd logs Feb 03 2009 06:19PM
Leonardo Andrade (landrade pop-es rnp br) (3 replies)
Re: Graphic visualization of honeyd logs Feb 08 2009 12:40AM
Joshua Gimer (jgimer gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: Graphic visualization of honeyd logs Feb 09 2009 01:45AM
Leonardo Andrade (landrade pop-es rnp br)
Hi everybody, sorry for delayed reply!

Joshua wrote:
>What kinds of things are you wanting to see? I have a set of custom
>scripts that I wrote to create rrd graphs about connection statistics,
>as well as generating pie charts from honeystats data.
>I also have scripts to insert honeyd logs into a postgres or mysql
>database so they can be easily parsed, and some php and perl scripts
>that can be used for searching, archiving and generating statistics
>based off of this data.
> I would be more than willing to share if everyone would be interested?

Yes, Joshua. I'm very interested in scripts like this (generating rrd,
statistics, inserting in database, etc) . For now, it's just that i
need. Can you send me it?

Gergely wrote:
>I found a tool a couple of weeks ago which might be useful for you:
>an introduction:
>It's a general idea for visualizing logs in parallel coordinates. I
>haven't tried it myself so if you find it useful please let me know.

Hi, Gergely. I already saw the picviz page but i don't know nothing
about visualization logs in parallel coordinates. But study this is in
my list of pendencies.

Compton wrote:

Hi, Compton. Thanks for the response but develop the web interface
isn't my plan for now. And, even though, if the case, i would
developer in Python because I have more intimacy with it (in
comparison with my poor PHP skills).

Raffael wrote:
>Are you coming to KL in a couple of weeks? I will run a workshop on visualization and data analysis. It's really a custom-made >thing to visualize your logs. It depends what you want to see and such.
Hi, Raffael. I'm in Brazil, KL seems so far. :)
>Have a look at secviz.org to get some ideas. I am happy to help with visualization, if you send me some logs and share what you >want to see in them.
I thanks for your disposition in help. I already visited secviz.org by
search about a things related with honeypots. Sincerely, my knowledge
about security visualization approach is little and i will seek read
your book before to use your help. This is more right. Congratulations
for your book, the first pages was easy for reading.
> Raffael


Leonardo Andrade.

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Re: Graphic visualization of honeyd logs Feb 06 2009 11:53PM
Joshua Gimer (jgimer gmail com)
Re: Graphic visualization of honeyd logs Feb 06 2009 09:51AM
Gergely Révay (gergely revay gmail com)


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