Honeynet Project Forensic Challenge 2010/2 - browsers under attack Feb 27 2010 06:57PM
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The Honeynet Project has revived an successful program from the past: The Honeynet Project Forensic Challenge 2010. The purpose of the Forensic Challenges is to take learning one step farther. Instead of having the Honeynet Project analyze attacks and share their findings, Forensic Challenges give the security community the opportunity to do so. In the end, individuals and organizations not only learn about threats, but also learn how to analyze them. Even better, individuals can access the write-ups from other individuals, and learn about new tools and techniques for analyzing attacks. Best of all, the attacks of the Forensic Challenge are attacks encountered in the wild, real hacks, provided by our members.

It has been several years since we provided Forensic Challenges and with the Forensic Challenge 2010, we will provide desperately needed upgrades. Currently, we are running our second challenge provided by Nicolas Collery from the Singapore Chapter and Guillaume Arcas from the French Chapter. It deals with client-side attacks and is titled browsers under attack. (accessible at https://www.honeynet.org/challenges/2010_2_browsers_under_attack)

The deadline for submissions is Monday, Match 8th 2010 and results (including a sample solution) will be posted on Monday, March 22nd 2010. The top 3 submissions will be awarded with prizes.

Christian Seifert

Chief Communications Officer

The Honeynet Project

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