honeypot needed for waf testing Aug 23 2010 03:21PM
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Re: honeypot needed for waf testing Aug 24 2010 05:30AM
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On Mon, 23 Aug 2010 08:21:29 PDT, false said:
> I need to test my WAF. I want to set up a simple network in the lab like this:
> XP or Linux client <--> WAF <--> Honeypot/test webserver
> 1) Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can use to simulate/generate
> attacks/suspicous traffic towards the weberver from my client?

There's tools to do specifically that. However, you probably already have many
of the tools you need - just point stuff like nmap and nessus at your honeypot
and see if your WAF notices. If it doesn't notice you doing the nmap, it won't
notice an attacker doing the nmap. If you have hping3, try sending a few
christmas-tree packets at your honeypot, see what happens. Get a copy of
metasploit and point it at the honeypot. And so on. Pretty much any auditing
tool you have can also be used as an attack tool.

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