honeypot needed for waf testing Aug 23 2010 03:21PM
false (jctx09 yahoo com) (1 replies)
Re: honeypot needed for waf testing Aug 24 2010 05:30AM
Valdis Kletnieks vt edu (1 replies)
reg practical PE header analysis Sep 29 2010 11:38AM
Mayank.2.Bhatnagar (MBhatnagar ipolicynetworks com)
Hi all,

This is in reference to some experiments and on going work on PE header analysis of binaries to identify whether a binary is malicious or non-malicious.

It is made out that looking at PE header itself, one can make out that the captured binaries are suspicious, malicious or not.

What do you feel is the practicality of results achieved? Did anyone reach any prominent practical result, which could be achievable in real time?

Looking forward for some views..... :-)


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