CanSecWest 2012 Mar 7-9; 2nd call for papers, closes next week, Monday. Dec 5 2011 Dec 02 2011 02:27AM
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
So after a dozen years or so organizing conferences, you
get the urge to pull levers and try experimenting with
things. So this year I sent out the CanSecWest CFP
only over Twitter, and G+ publicly. Just curious as to the
adoption and information dispersion rate, and some
estimate of the attention these newer channels are getting.

So after this experiment I hear about people having
submissions and missing  the CFP. So for my control set,
here is the normal announce message to different e-mail
lists. We'll do a Second CanSecWest CFP, but a brief one.
Send us your proposal by the end of Monday next week,
December 5, 2011.

The questions and information needed is the same as
usual (see website), also for my curiosity could you

12. Where did you hear about the CFP from?


World Emerging Security Technology
Vancouver, March 7-9 http://cansecwest.com
pgpkey http://cansecwest.com/ kyxpgp

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