Cyber Warfare / Network Defense Simulation Jan 24 2012 11:45AM
Teóphilo Athos Brauns (teo brauns gmail com)

I would like to ask if you guys have any suggestions (including
articles, references, books, sites, ideas, anything) on how to build a
"Poor man's Cyber Warfare / Network Defense Simulation" for:

1 - study
2 - forensic analysis
3 - vulnerabilities replication
4 - worm/virus spreading
5 - DLP (data leak/loss prevention) study
6 - ???

For my first attempts I used a dual-quad xeon server with 32GB ram and
managed to create a whole network with ids/ips, firewall,
workstations, attackers, database, log collecting using linux
containers (lxc).

Thank you all

Teophilo Athos Brauns
Security Enthusiast

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