Honeypot malware archives Feb 14 2013 09:46AM
Matteo Cantoni (matteo cantoni gmail com)
Hello everyone,

I would like share with you for educational purposes and without any
commercial purpose, data collected by the my homemade honeypot.
Nothing new, nothing shocking, nothing sensational... but I think can
be of interest to newcomers to the world of analysis of malware,
botnets, etc... maybe for a thesis.

The files collected are divided into zip archives, in alphabetical
order, with password (which must be request via email). Some details:

- Honeypot ISP: AS3269 Interbusiness (Telecom Italia)
- Honeypot software: amun, dionaea
- Total files: 7085
- Period of time: Aug 2009 - Feb 2013
- Type of files: ASCII, data, HTML, MS-DOS, PE32 (dll, gui, Mono/.Net)

More information can be viewed here: http://www.nothink.org/honeypots.php
Always from this page, daily, some logs are available for download,
parsabili easily and used for statistical purposes.

Matteo Cantoni

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