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High Availability SSH Server Mar 02 2010 09:44PM
Mark Reynolds (mark sparkyone com) (1 replies)

I am trying to setup a highly available ssh server on Linux (probably
CentOS 5.4) , i.e. 2 nodes with a floating IP address, if one node
fails then the IP address will move over and sessions will continue
working. I am comfortable with using heartbeat and DRBD to to share
data and manage the floating IP address but wondered if there is any
way of having ssh share session / connection status across 2 nodes. I
may end up achieving this by running the ssh server in a VM (using
Linux and Xen) and migrating that instead but would rather avoid the
over heads.

I believe the current version of ssh from CentOS (and RedHat) is
openssh-4.3p2-36.el5.i386.rpm) but would be happy to compile a version
from source to meet my requirements.

I am aware that there is an appliance from ssh that can do this and
wondered if openssh was also capable of a high availability cluster
set up.

Any thoughts appreciated

Mark Reynolds

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Re: High Availability SSH Server Mar 04 2010 06:12PM
Terry (td3201 gmail com)


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