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FW: OpenSSH auth problems on Ubuntu Apr 26 2010 10:27PM
David Armstrong (darmstrong moca org)
I'm having a problem getting OpenSSH to function on my Ubuntu box.  I am connecting it to it from a Windows box running Putty.  It works just fine for one account, but fails for another. 

The error message given by the client is "Server refused our key"

I have included what I believe are the key lines from auth.log

The two lines below are for the valid login.

Apr 26 13:24:50 subversion sshd[10513]: pam_winbind(sshd:setcred): user 'itadmin' OK
Apr 26 13:25:25 subversion sshd[10632]: pam_winbind(sshd:account): user 'itadmin' granted access

The next two lines are for the failed account.

Apr 26 13:31:06 subversion sshd[10632]: pam_winbind(sshd:setcred): user 'itadmin' OK
Apr 26 13:32:05 subversion sshd[10732]: Failed password for <user> from <ip> port 54842 ssh2

It seems like sshd is using the 'itadmin' account as part of its setcred function. As long as the account logging on matches the setcred account, everything is good. If the two don't match, it fails.

Is there anything I can do short of disabling winbind?  I made sure that the <user> account is valid in Active Directory (Kerberos).

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