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certificate support/pkcs11/ssh Aug 09 2010 04:45PM
Shravan Mishra (shravan mishra gmail com) (1 replies)
Hi Guys,

I'm using a SCA6000 hardware token for authentication/encryption
purposes. I'm using oenCryptoki for PKCS11.
This is the info related to ssh:

OpenSSH_5.3p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8l-fips 5 Nov 2009

Since I'll be using certificates with ssh/scp, I'm looking for some
documents going about setting up my two boxes to use the hardware
token as the keystore for certs and keys and as accelerator too.


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Re: certificate support/pkcs11/ssh Sep 14 2010 05:43PM
François Pérou (francois perou free fr)


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