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Problem using Plink remote commands Oct 29 2010 11:57PM
longordercook triad rr com (2 replies)
Re: Problem using Plink remote commands Oct 31 2010 11:47PM
Adrian J Milanoski (amilanoski gmail com)
Re: Problem using Plink remote commands Oct 31 2010 10:41PM
Saif El Sherei (SSherei npcegypt com)
Why dont u just ssh to server 1 then reverse tunnel server 2 through server 1 to ur machine using plink -R switch

i can see you open a dynamic tunnel from server 1 to ur machine then u want to run ssh command from this tunnel btw you're missing '-s' switch before the remote command you want to run

But i dont really get the script it works from lets say machine A to connect remotley to machine B then tunnel to machine C??

Also i think that you'll have to cache the keys manually for the script to work because on first connection plink will ask if you want to add ssh key to cache, And you have to manually reply

Hope this helped


Saif El-Sherei

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On Oct 31, 2010, at 11:50 PM, "longordercook (at) triad.rr (dot) com [email concealed]" <longordercook (at) triad.rr (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:

> I'm not sure this is the right place for this, but there doesn't seem to be a place to get help with Plink specifically.
> I'm trying to write a batch file that will use Plink to tunnel to Server 1 via ssh, then use Plink's remote command function to tunnel from Server 1 to Server 2. Here's the code I'm using:
> start D:\Temp\plink.exe -A -P [port] -D [host]:[port] [username]@[server1] ssh -p [port] [username]@[server2]
> I should mention that when I log into Server 1 through Plink and then manually enter the ssh command, it works fine. I've tried putting the ssh command in quotes and putting it in a separate file accessed with the -m flag, but the batch file always opens a window that says "Warning: Permanently added '[server2]' <RSA> to the list of known hosts" and then hangs.
> I'm completely and utterly baffled. Any ideas?
> Erin

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