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wrong DISPLAY variable Dec 07 2010 06:33PM
Asif Iqbal (vadud3 gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: wrong DISPLAY variable Dec 07 2010 08:55PM
Darren Tucker (dtucker zip com au) (1 replies)
On 8/12/10 5:33 AM, Asif Iqbal wrote:
> iqbala@jp2 { ~ }$ ssh -Y
> Password:
> Last login: Tue Dec 7 17:33:46 2010 from
> [iqbala@hlr-brixuat-01 ~]$ xterm
> _X11TransSocketINETConnect() can't get address for hostname:6000: Name
> or service not known
> xterm Xt error: Can't open display: hostname:0.0

Most likely something in your shell startup scripts is (re)setting
$DISPLAY to the wrong value. sshd will set display numbers of 10 and up
(by default, this can be changed in sshd_config via X11DisplayOffset).

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Re: wrong DISPLAY variable Dec 07 2010 10:34PM
Asif Iqbal (vadud3 gmail com)


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