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external storage of public keys and users Mar 28 2011 09:41AM
Stanis³aw Pitucha (viraptor gmail com) (1 replies)
Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to allow a lot of users / public keys to be used
on a server via sshd and I'd like to manage them easily in some
repository (many such hosts would need access to it). I'd like to do
that without sshd modifications like lpk. The data store already
exists and cannot be changed, so kerberos unfortunately cannot be
I do not want to use passwords (will be completely disabled) and would
like standard ssh clients to be able to connect to this server
(openssh and putty at least, but not only the latest versions).

Users will have a standard ssh key pair (or a certificate with private
key if that makes things any easier), but the client software is
pretty much out of my control. I really want to use keys kere, since
users will also use those for other purposes.
I know that GSSAPI exists and is potentially related, but couldn't
really find an answer for: can it be used here, what needs to be
implemented to support it and can it use private/public key

I'm interested in RHEL6-based systems, so openssh version ~5.3.

Thanks a lot for any ideas


StanisÅ?aw Pitucha

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Re: external storage of public keys and users Mar 29 2011 01:33AM
Kushal Kumaran (kushal kumaran gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: external storage of public keys and users Mar 29 2011 09:14AM
Stanis³aw Pitucha (viraptor gmail com)


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