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Re: problem with X11Forwarding May 28 2011 06:20AM
Mahmood Naderan (nt_mahmood yahoo com)

Dear all,

Thanks for your replies. However I don't know why I didn't received many replies on time. For example today I saw that many replies were sent 2-3 days days ago and now I am reading them!!

I think the problem is with mailing list. anyway....

After I turned on the sshd in debug mode (-ddd) and connect from a host, I see this:

debug1: session_input_channel_req: session 0 req x11-req
debug2: bind port 6010: Cannot assign requested address
debug2: bind port 6011: Cannot assign requested address
debug2: bind port 6012: Cannot assign requested address
debug2: bind port 6013: Cannot assign requested address

After some search I found this topic

In the last reply, it is stated that

1) Adding the following to your sshd_config
AddressFamily inet
2) Restart SSH

I did that exactly and now I can forward X. The problem has been solved.
hope this help others too


// Naderan *Mahmood;

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Subject: Re: problem with X11Forwarding

make sure you enable it in ssh_config as well.  that controls your ssh sessions.

Quoting Mahmood Naderan:

> Hi,
> I have enabled X11Forwarding in sshd_config
> mahmood@server:~$ cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | grep "X11*"
> X11Forwarding yes
> X11DisplayOffset 10
> However when I connect through "ssh -X server_ip" and run "xclock" I get this error:
>  mahmood@server:~$ xclock
> Error: Can't open display:
> Any way to fix that?
> // Naderan *Mahmood;

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