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New Focus Areas on Jun 03 2003 05:33PM
Hal Flynn (flynn securityfocus com)
SecurityFocus is very pleased to announce the roll-out of two new focus
areas: Pen-Test and Firewalls. The Pen-Test focus area
(, along with its associated mailing
list, Pen-Test ( will offer a
forum for all aspects of penetration testing and network auditing,
including: technical articles, news, links to white papers, and listings
of new tools and products.

The Firewalls focus area, which is affiliated with the brand new
SecurityFocus Firewalls mailing list
(, will offer a wide variety of
firewall-related information, including: technical articles, firewall
rulesets, news, links to white papers, and listings of new tools and
products. To subscribe to the Firewalls mailing list, please visit .

We at SecurityFocus hope that both of these new focus areas will be a
valuable source of information and discussion for the entire security

Hal Flynn
Symantec Corp.

"Corpsman: usually a young, long-haired, bearded, Marine hatin' Sailor
with certain medical skills, who will go through the very gates of hell to
get to a wounded Marine." - Major Gene Duncan, USMC Ret.

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