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offer letter questions Feb 05 2006 05:54PM
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Re: offer letter questions Feb 25 2006 07:50PM
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i had been meaning to write back and have just been a bit busy so, thank
you for prompting me to take some time to do so.

i did wind up accepting the offer only after my largest concern had been
addressed. most of the other issues were either dealt with indirectly or
did not factor into my decision heavily. i will try to explain how i
wound up trying to sort out my concerns as well as some of the results.

i began by attempting to call to arrange a face-to-face 2nd meeting (as
suggested) which, didn't work out. after receiving a few calls to
discuss other opportunities (as they say, when it rains it pours) and
not yet hearing back from the sub-contractor, i put together a simple
e-mail clearly spelling out all of my concerns in the hopes that i would
be able to get back simple answers in writing. this e-mail was followed
up with a return phone call in which we were able to hash out enough
details for me to sign the contract.

- the w2 vs. 1099 was a minor one for me. the duration of the contract
did not warrant much bother. the sub-contractor did offer to reimburse
me in whole for any costs associated to incorporating should i want to
do a corp. to corp. contract. i declined the offer and went w2.

- i dealt with my concern about the liability clause by simply thinking
the worst case scenarios through. i would never do anything to put
myself in the position for the clause to come into effect. as well, no
matter how bad it was, all i was bound to was two weeks notice which, is
pretty standard anyway.

- the stopping point for me in these negotiations was without question,
my concerns surrounding travel responsibility. i explained that i would
incur the expense of the first nor any other successive flights. the
sub-contractor wound up booking my flight and sending me my itinerary.
now i have access to a travel portal with which i am able to search for
and book my own flights and cars which is billed directly to the primary

- unfortunately, as i had anticipated, the shared living turned out to
be a disaster. one of the guys i first roomed with incessant used his
phone in common areas of the house, left mess and turned up the heat to
unbearable levels among other things. this guy was so weird, the other
roommate up and left to stay in another house. at one point i was
convinced that he was the entertainment expense. this didn't last long
as, his skill set and interpersonal skills (or lack of i should say) was
deemed to be a liability to the contract from most of the team and he
was not invited back the following week. i'll have new roommates this
week so, this is still somewhat of an open issue.

what i have received thus far:

- access to a very user friendly and flexible travel portal

- niche compliance experience with one of the largest international

- some excellent networking with a skilled and fun group of professionals

- strong indication that the contract will be extended and/or a perm
offer made

- my first check!

hoping this helps

diegoeskryptic (at) highstream (dot) net [email concealed] wrote:
> hello sir.
> Im a newbie to security management and I watch the list stricly for learning
> purposes. I was just wondering how did you respond to the job offer. Could
> you please share your lessons learned, please? Thanks
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> Subject: offer letter questions
>>while i have worked on a contract basis before, i recently received my
>>first offer letter/contract from a sub-contractor and have some concerns
>>i am hoping some of you more experienced in this area maybe be able to
>>shed some light on. i have read the syngress book infosec career hacking
>>which has, what i thought to be, some excellent directives yet, it falls
>>short for me in this area. as well, i have spoken with a family member
>>who has many years in a consulting role however, not in the infosec
>>concerns include:
>>- the discussions were of a 1099 arrangement whereas, the offer letter
>>is for w2.
>>- the liability clause has my liability at a higher day rate than i
>>would be earning. is this normal?
>>- this opportunity involves 80-100% travel yet, there is no mention of
>>the sub-contractor's responsibility for handling these matters.
>>- the position is "in the middle of nowhere" and as of yet, there is no
>>mention of a rental car.
>>- this sub-contractor has stated that i would have to purchase the first
>>plane ticket which, sounds fishy, no?
>>- there will be shared living quarters and i have not shared a living
>>space with others in over five years. this was not mentioned at all
>>throughout the discussions until just recently in a passing
>>conversation.while i do think it could be fun to room with people
>>(especially security folk) again, this is a real unknown. it could have
>>a negative impact my performance but, may just as well have a positive
>>impact upon it.
>>on the contracts i've been on before, the client had arranged and payed
>>for airfare, hotel and car rental.
>>the pros of the opportunity include:
>>- full time security work as, i am trying to get away from the admin role.
>>- enterprise class experience which, i have very little of and huge
>>attraction to the opportunity
>>- short term with the possibility to extend length or offer
>>- last and least important for me, the money is good yet, the agreed
>>upon rate did not factor in the above concerns
>>while i really hunger for the experience (#1 career incentive for me), i
>>am uncertain how to address these concerns.
>>any insight into this matter is greatly appreciated.

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