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Where to start? Aug 19 2006 07:02AM
Thomas Williams (tlw1mac comcast net) (1 replies)
I am not too far away from completing the ITT Information System
Security course. This will give me a bachelor degree. I've been told
that there are a number of different things I can get into but no one
seems to be able to tell just exactly what. I was told by one instructor
that the ITT program will prepare me to be able to take the CISSP
certification but I need a sponsor. Yet, when I read up on it, it says
that I need to have 4 years experience in Security in order to be able
to get certification. To sum it up, I have no clue where to go next.
Does anyone on here know for sure how good the ITT program is? What can
I really expect to get when I get my degree?


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Re: Where to start? Aug 25 2006 03:02PM
Nick Puetz (nickpuetz gmail com)


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