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Re: Vulnerability Management System Jul 23 2009 12:28PM
Morrison, John (John Morrison galacoral com)

For a similar requirement last year I settled on the McAfee solution. Not only did it provide strong vulnerablity management (instead of just patching) it was also able to deploy changes to mitigate a vulnerability, even when no patch existed. This was done with anti-x, HIPS and host-based firewall signature and configuration changes through a single, centralised console (ePO).

The reporting is pretty good as well. It has different reports for different groups of people - from security expert to CFO.

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Thank you all for the responses, I forgot to emphasis that am not

looking for automated vulnerability scanning solutions, What am

looking for is something that is similar to what is offered here:

Best Regards


On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 4:43 PM, Jose Castineiras<elpacha (at) yahoo (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:


> I saw a demo of Qualys Guard tool, I think can be useful to your analysis


> Good luck.


> Jose R. Castiñeiras.



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> Hi All


> Am planning to deploy a vulnerability management system in my company

> and over here am not talking systems patching solution. We have a huge

> infrastructure with thousands in servers and networking equipment

> scattered in multiple locations, am looking for some sort of a

> centralized framework which will enable us to do the following


> * Have a database of vulnerabilities which are customized the

> most to our environment,the information can be coming from a

> subscription to a vulnerability alert service. Penetration Testing &

> Audit reports, Incident management system or from automated

> vulnerabilities assessment solutions.

> * Ability to define rules for Vulnerabilites rating and priority.

> * Link rated vulnerabilites to to listed systems in the corporate

> systems inventory.

> * Ability to send alerts to system owners through the framwork

> * Ability to Monitor the progress on actions taken.

> * Identifying and managing multiple and cross-enterprise

> vulnerabilities, which will enable effective response to to the

> interrelated impacts, and integrated response to multiple

> vulnerabilities.

> * Ability to produce reports, statistics for higher management


> I would really appreciate sharing your thoughts over here. If you have

> something similar deployed in your corporation, or if you know a

> commercial or open source solution which will do the same.


> Thanks folks

> Etiqk8




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