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internet online game hacking ? Oct 18 2005 02:31PM
gilles lami acr-logistics com (1 replies)
Re: internet online game hacking ? Oct 18 2005 06:38PM
Crg (crg digitalsec net)
Hello Gilles,

Are you talking about "war games" (

In this case, I dont think this kind of games are the real threat... this games are used to increase security/hacking knowledge... (also usefull for pen-testers and security analysts). IMHO the threat is not the game itself is the bad use of the acquired knowledge. In this way everyone should remove any hacking related paper from the net ... for "deleting the threat"


Crg @ !dSR

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I am trying to know if Internet game hacking (online games) is a real threat.
Say, hackers could use this in order to build their botnets, or whatever.

Does anybody could point me to articles or writings about the proof (or not) of such activity ?
Thank you.


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