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Tracking Botnets Oct 19 2005 06:29PM
Saeed Abu Nimeh (drellman hotmail com) (2 replies)
Re: Tracking Botnets Oct 23 2005 07:14PM
Marc Dacier (marc dacier eurecom fr)
Take a look at the papers available on the leurré.com project: It's a cooperative initiative, deploying honeypots
all over the world and offering free access to the data to the
participating partners. Results of the analysis have been published to
several international conferences with peer reviews.

Feel free to mail me for more information

I hope this helps,

Saeed Abu Nimeh wrote:

> Hi List,
> As for tracking botnets, I've read "Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets"
> by the honeynet project. Does anyone know other resources (tools,
> papers, etc.) or even other techniques for tracking botnets and
> identifying farms of bots.
> Best,
> Saeed

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Re: Tracking Botnets Oct 22 2005 05:01PM
Thorsten Holz (thorsten holz mmweg rwth-aachen de)


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