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Re: New to phishing Feb 21 2006 08:22AM
jalvare7 cajastur es
The best paper I've read, with up to date an detailed analysis of phishing
attacks is this:

It also includes very useful links to other information, such as the
phishing spam examples database at
the Anti Phishing Group and PhishReport.

I liked it so much that I'm right now translating it into Spanish for
"Honeynets in Spanish" (
and "Infosec Spain" (



Hi all,
I'm new to the area of phishing and I'd like some
resources in order to
start. More specifically I am interested in phising detection on network
level. So, it would be very useful if someone could provide me with
links to sites that mirror phishing attempts and references to papers on
phishing detection.

Thanks in advance,
Athanatos Manos

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