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Re: Sitekey Phishing Jun 05 2006 11:36PM
skyler hushmail com (1 replies)
I do agree it doesn't stop phishing, it does help to prevent
phishing because the amount of effort required is increazed, in
this particular case, most people who enter this type of
information can't remember which question they chose, so that only
if they are asked the correct question are they willing to give an


On Sun, 28 May 2006 10:29:14 -0700 Lance James
<phishing (at) securescience (dot) net [email concealed]> wrote:
>As we all know, Bank of America uses PassMark (now RSA's) Sitekey
>technology. The trick is, if you don't know the image, or if you
>suspicious you get a bunch of questions. Well included in the
>Bank of America phish I saw today, was the sitekey questionaire
>I don't understand why adding another login credential to be
>stolen ever
>stopped phishing. My 2 cents.
>Best Regards,
>Lance James
>Secure Science Corporation
>Author of 'Phishing Exposed'
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Re: Sitekey Phishing Jun 06 2006 06:45AM
Lance James (phishing securescience net)


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