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txdns 2.0.0: (free) Aggressive multithreaded DNS digger/brute-forcer Nov 16 2006 11:32AM
Arley Barros Leal (arley leal sonae com)

I'm very excited to release TXDNS 2.0.0 ( This new
version features a distributed model which further boosts TXDNS's
parallelism and performance. This model allows a TXDNS client to send
jobs to a TXDNS server over a clear or encrypted TCP channel.

For example, to put a TXDNS host on listening mode:

> txdns -l

By default TXDNS listens on port 5353. On the client side you may post
any query jobs by appending '-c xx.xx.xx.xx' to the regular query syntax
(where xx.xx.xx.xx is the host's IP running TXDNS on listening mode),
for example:

> txdns -rt -t -c xx.xx.xx.xx

Using -cr instead of -c will force the TXDNS server to redirect all
output to the client, so basically you get the results from the server's
job right on the client console. Note that file system streams are not
redirected, which means that any file switches (-f or -h) will still
have the remote host as root reference.

To encrypt all the traffic between the client and the server just append
'--key <your_key_here>' to the regular syntax on both the client and

A new --countdown option has been added as a very basic synchronization
mechanism, and by default, any jobs, no matter remote or local will now
delay for 5s before firing. If you want to bypass this countdown delay
you'll have to add '--countdown 0'.

Cheers and have fun,

arley silveira--

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