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Taking Down Phishing Site Aug 01 2007 02:16PM
pecorelf gmail com (2 replies)
Re: Taking Down Phishing Site Aug 07 2007 08:28PM
Leif Ericksen (lericksen sbcglobal net)
Re: Taking Down Phishing Site Aug 02 2007 10:20PM
Terry Cutler (tcutler novell com) (1 replies)
My guess is this.
The authorities will give them a fine and shutdown their IP segment. They'll re-open under a new name, new IP block and start again. A new legal company will start up and get assigned the Blacklisted IP addresses and realize that they can't send out mail. They'll then get the IP range un-blocked and the cycle starts over again.

Not to sure we really do have a permanent way to stop these guys.

Suggestions or comments about my perception ?

Terry P Cutler
Master CNE , CDE, CLP9&10, Certified Ethical Hacker
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Date: 8/2/2007 5:16 PM
Subject: Taking Down Phishing Site
Hi folks,

Few months ago I have been analyzing some companies that offers its services fighting phishing websites that affect to your company. One of them is Hispasec, Hispasec is a company from Spain that has been doing a great work in these terms.

Now, my question is, what actions take those companies when they detect a phishing site in order to go down it. I am very impressive with the efectiveness and the speed to going down a phishing website the these companies offer.

The only action that I consider is to write/to call to the hosting company.

What actions these companies take? Or what others actions do you suggest to me?


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RE: Taking Down Phishing Site Aug 09 2007 01:45AM
Sean (s ennis shaw ca)


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