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The Register: BBC film exposes phone scam misery Nov 11 2005 07:48AM
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BBC film exposes phone scam misery
Makes uncomfortable viewing
By Tim Richardson

The shady world of rogue diallers and premium rate phone scams
comes under the spotlight today following an investigation by the
BBC's Money Programme.

The half-hour film reveals how criminals exploit premium rate
services and run rings round regulator ICSTIS. Programme makers
managed to track down and interview someone who has been involved
in such scams. He tells how scammers are able to dial millions of
phone lines over a weekend telling punters they'd all won a prize.
Even with a tiny percentage of people responding and calling a
£1.50 a minute number to claim their prize, scammers are able to
net hundreds of thousands of pounds.

What's more, some scammers are so business-like in their approach
to ripping off punters they factor in the cost of a £100,000 fine
from ICSTIS as part of their overheads.

But the programme is also critical of ICSTIS with many of those
targeted by scammers believing that they do not receive the
protection they would expect from the regulator.

In an interview as part of the programme the head of ICSTIS George
Kidd denies that the regulator is "toothless" even though one PRS
fraud victim - who's prepared to go to court rather than pay up -
called for ICSTIS to be "taken out back and horse whipped because
they're full of crap".

The Great Phone Call Con, a Money Programme investigation into
telecom fraud, is due to be broadcast tonight (Friday November 11)
at 7 pm on BBC2.
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