Real Cases ID Theft and other Hazards will increase in Holiday Season Nov 23 2005 06:37AM
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ID Theft and other Hazards will increase in Holiday Season

For those who think shopping malls are scary places during the
holiday season, the threats you can't see while shopping on the
Internet can be far more prevalent. Online shopping is predicted to
increase by 25% this holiday season, according to Forrester
Research, including 2.5 million new households that will purchase
online for the first time. As the number of online purchases
increases, so do the risks of identity theft, spyware, viruses,
worms and phishing. A recent survey by Consumer Reports showed that
users have a one in three chance of suffering computer damage,
financial loss or both because of computer viruses, spyware or
hackers. Yet many home computer users fail to take steps to protect
computers and their confidential information from these serious

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