Real Cases Corporate fraud: All too easy and all too common Nov 23 2005 06:50AM
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Corporate fraud: All too easy and all too common

Debt can quickly turn a good egg into a bad apple...

By Will Sturgeon

Debt is the major reason why employees turn bad and begin
defrauding their companies according to one expert in the field of

Mike Adlem, managing director at risk consultancy Protiviti, told he has interviewed many convicted fraudsters and found
the common theme among all of them was debt. In many cases, Adlem
said they were previously honest and hard-working members of staff
who were dragged into a world of corporate fraud by financial
problems - which ranged from "an expensive wife" or public school
fees for their children to more common debt problems such as credit
and mortgage repayments.,39024677,39154463,00.htm

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