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Washington Post: Hackers Break Into Computer-Security Firm's Customer Database Dec 20 2005 02:01PM
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Hackers Break Into Computer-Security Firm's Customer Database

Personal Data for Law Enforcement, Security Professionals Exposed

By Brian Krebs

Guidance Software -- the leading provider of software used to
diagnose hacker break-ins -- has itself been hacked, resulting in
the exposure of financial and personal data connected to thousands
of law enforcement officials and network-security professionals.

Guidance alerted customers to the incident in a letter sent last
week, saying it discovered on Dec. 7 that hackers had broken into a
company database and made off with approximately 3,800 customer
credit card numbers. The Pasadena, Calif.-based company said the
incident occurred sometime in November and that it is working with
the U.S. Secret Service on a more detailed investigation.

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