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At least 20 customers fall prey to phishing scam in Finland Dec 20 2005 02:04PM
Topi Ylinen (topi ylinen hushmail com)
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So far, there have been very few successful phishing scams in
Finland - this may, in fact, be the first one. The main reason for
this is that phishers are not normally very fluent in Finnish; and
phishing scams written in foreign languages (such as English) are
easily recognised as forgeries even by the average Finn. They do
not except their Finnish bank send them emails in English -- Or
worse yet, in the kind of ridiculous broken Finnish that the
automated translation services are likely to produce.

This has changed now. A phishing scam in reasonably good Finnish
fools at least 20 customers of a major Finnish bank. One of them
loses over 10 000 euros (=approximately USD 12 000).

Article (in Finnish):

Here's a brief summary of the article (if you want more details,
just ask):

Originally the bank, Nordea, stated that no customers lost any
money and only one account had to be closed. Now the bank admits
that at least 20 customers sent their account information to the
phishers, and at least 10 customers lost money. One of them lost
over 10 000 euros. The money was withdrawn in Latvia, but the
police suspect that the actual criminals reside somewhere else.

The bank will refund the money lost in the incident.

Topi Ylinen
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