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ZDNet: Donations flood in for 'guilty' security researcher Mar 02 2006 06:40AM
Topi Ylinen (topi ylinen hushmail com) (1 replies)
RE: ZDNet: Donations flood in for 'guilty' security researcher Mar 02 2006 03:15PM
David Dominick (dominickda corp earthlink net)
Does anybody have a link to the case itself? I would like to see why this
ruling went this way. It seems like there may be some underlying issues here
and people are trying to make it about people in our field able to do
The scary thing is if that is true... they will stop the people who help
them discover flaws and the blackhats will continue to exploit flaws without
the knowledge of any of these companies.

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Donations flood in for 'guilty' security researcher

By Munir Kotadia, ZDNet Australia

Security expert Guillaume Tena, who was last week ordered to pay a
fine of 14,300 euros for breach of French copyright law after
publishing information about security vulnerabilities in an anti-
virus application, has already collected around half the money in
donations after appealing for help on his Web site.

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