Real Cases Former Hacker Irks Microsoft In EU Dispute Mar 21 2006 05:56PM
Daniel Jimenez (dgj1menez hotmail com)
By Mary Jacoby
March 16, 2006

As an expert witness on digital crime, British computer consultant Neil
Barrett has helped prosecutors in the United Kingdom convict murderers and


European Commission regulators in Brussels chose Mr. Barrett from among
Microsoft's own nominees for the job of judging whether the company is
complying with a 2004 EU ruling that it help its competitors design software
to mesh with its nearly ubiquitous Windows operating system. Following Mr.
Barrett's scathing assessments of Microsoft's efforts, the European
Commission threatened the company with fines that could exceed ?100 million,
or $120 million -- prompting Microsoft to attack Mr. Barrett's competence
and to accuse him of colluding with its rivals. Regulators last week rose to
Mr. Barrett's defense

Daniel Jimenez

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