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The Register: Nokia staff jacked by Ernst & Young laptop loss Apr 04 2006 06:21PM
Daniel Jimenez (dgj1menez hotmail com)
By Ashlee Vance in Mountain View
Published Thursday 30th March 2006 09:02 GMT

When Ernst & Young loses a laptop, it doesn't mess around. The Register has
learned that the same missing system with personal information on Sun
Microsystems, Cisco, IBM and BP workers also contained data on Nokia's US

A Nokia source notified us that he received a letter from Ernst & Young
detailing the accounting firm's loss of his personal information. An Ernst &
Young spokesman then confirmed that the laptop was "the same" machine with
thousands of Sun, Cisco, IBM and BP staff data, including their ages, social
security numbers, tax identification numbers and addresses. Ernst & Young
continues to maintain that the laptop poses little risk as it was password

Daniel Jimenez

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